How to use Pleo

How to use Pleo

Pleo Pocket

198 views October 14, 2020

How to use Pleo

#1 Welcome to Pleo

299 views May 29, 2020

New to Pleo? Hi there! Thanks for choosing us to help you pay for stuff in your business.

How to use Pleo

#2 Using Pleo – Expenses & Settings

271 views May 29, 2020

Here's how to use Pleo for making a purchase, cataloguing expenses, and getting your settings...

How to use Pleo

#3 Using Pleo – People & Teams

264 views May 29, 2020

Your team are using Pleo too! Here's how to set spending limits and approve expenses, for admins.

How to use Pleo

#4 Using Pleo – Wallet & Analytics

279 views May 29, 2020

Let's go deep! Take a peek at how you are spending with Pleo, and details on how to control that...

How to use Pleo

#5 Using Pleo – VAT Reclaim & Upcoming Features

185 views May 29, 2020

Guys! We don't just do expenses ... Here's a look at VAT reclaim and everything else we've got...

How to use Pleo

What is Pleo?

342 views April 01, 2020

Pleo: Smart credit cards for your business. Because work can be hard. But paying for things at...